Alright! Now you’re talking! Let’s get you rocking some of these Rowley Wheeler Band wares…we’ll be adding a variety of stuff as we go.

We only offer PayPal, sorry if that is a pain in your arse, but it is much easier on us. If this doesn’t work for you, we recommend you follow the old fashioned, but tried and true method of mailing us a money order (info to follow at bottom of page).


The Ringer

A classic ringer with the Rowley Wheeler Band logo. Shirt is white with brown rings. Shirt is Brand X and comes in S, M, L, XL. $8 ($3.95 S&H)


A camo style shirt just for the ladies. It features the Rowley Wheeler Band logo. S, M, L, XL. $8 ($3.95 S&H)

*If you require a shirt in a size we do not offer, say a XXL for example, then shoot us an email and let us know. We will do our best to arrange it so we can work you into something that will work for you.


Classic Design

Just The Rowley Wheeler Band logo…what else could you possibly need? 5×3 $1 ($1 S&H)

Money Orders are to be made payable to Mary Bandock and sent to 211 Sidney Ct. Spring Lake, MI 49456. The process might take a bit longer, but will still work just fine. Never, ever, ever send us cash in the mail, it can only end badly.

**There are no returns under any circumstances. That means, if we need to draw you a picture, that all sales are final. However, we will exchange an item if needed and when possible, but this can often turn into a pain in the butt, so let’s try to avoid this by making sure we order the right size and style of shirt, or whatever, at the time of purchase. This will make the world a brighter place for all of us.

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