May 30, 2010

The Rowley Wheeler Band played at Blue Note in Muskegon last night for the first time in this incarnation. We had a great time! Hands down the best sound system on the Lakeshore. Lisa is the best and Reggie sure knows how to dole out the PBRs…folks need to get on down there and check things out, a lot of good things going on there. Looking forward to a return visit before summer is over…


The band is going to be working with Brad at Sprout Media Group now. He will be handling the booking for the band moving forward. The guys are really excited about working with Sprout, and Brad specifically. The band and Brad have a shared history, cutting their teeth in the same clubs coming up. It will be nice to hand that piece of the operation off to the capable hands of Brad and in turn have more time to concentrate on recording.


The band has officially started recording their first release. They are recording with Vous Voici mobile studios. They are hoping to be mixed and ready for a release by Labor Day. They plan bringing in a variety of people to play and help out.

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